EU strategic autonomy


In this era of the open return of power politics on the European Continent the biggest change in the European mindset that must occur is the understanding, not only in word but also in deeds, that Europe must invest in its own security to defend its territory but also it's wider security interests. Europe needs, when it comes to ensuring its values and beliefs, take up a stronger position in the emerging multipolar system.

What does this require? First of all Europe needs to be able to defend itself in it's direct sphere of influence, this means military strength as well as the underlying industrial capabilities to support, supply and maintain these forces. Obviously this will be a challenge.

1. Diepere Europese (Defensie) Integratie, vanuit aangekondigde ‘Zeitenwende

The Netherlands should consider / contemplate whether or not they should push to initiate forming a vanguard vis-à-vis Berlin to create a political basis for a deeper / stronger / … multilateral strategic Defence integration.

On the one hand, Germany recognizes the responsibility that comes with it's size, position and strategic weight. Quote: “Germany’s economic and political weight requires, alongside our European and transatlantic partners, that we take responsibility for the security of Europe in order to defend human rights, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and international law.” On the other hand Germany is having difficulty in following up on this.
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2. EU industriële mobilisatie, vanuit het perspectief van de industrie/werkgevers

Europe’s enduring military strength must rest on a soldi and dedicated industrial basis. However, even though Europe’s nations all have their own strong /capable defence industries, this capacity is on the one hand far less able to provide the necessary output because it’s fractured, unaligned, stove piped, …. While on the other hand it’s due to the strategic choices of the last 30 years (supporting mostly expeditionary wars of choice) it lacks the ability to produce the mass required to support and supply high intensity inter state wars.
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3. Succes- en/of faalfactoren van integratie/samenwerking

The cultural diversity of Europe is a treasure as well a possible hindrance/obstacle to successfully cooperate or even integrate forces / efforts / output. To overcome these challenges realism, a sense of purpose, but also sensitivity (Fingerspitzengefühl) are needed. This is for the Security dimension no more different than what multinational companies face on a daily basis. So how do they deal with all the great and small problems of pan-European integration?
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